First Queen 1 NEXT

First Queen 1 NEXT Switch


〇Points used for in-game mercenaries and item purchases are earned in-game.
You can advance the scenario without clearing the fierce battlefield,
If you clear it, you will get big bonus points.

〇 In the Switch version, stamina effects are mitigated by unit orders.
・Defensive power will decrease depending on stamina when attacking or retreating orders are issued.
・Defensive power will be maintained when orders to maintain formation or stop are issued.

〇 The user interface in the camp has also been changed for game consoles.
・Select a character by moving the cursor.
・Easier to exchange rare items by making one item bag instead of one for each unit!



First Queen 1 NEXT Smartphones


The target models for the smartphone version are as follows.
・ Smartphones and tablets with Android 10 (API level 29) or later
・ IPhone iPad with iOS 11 or later

〇Screen orientation lock In this game, the screen allocation changes depending on the screen orientation.
The purpose is to assist the user, but there was a request that
"it would be a problem to change around
".Please refer to the following for how to fix the screen.

・iPhoneiPhone X or later, iPad (iOS 12 or later) can be locked only in the vertical direction by the function of the main body.
1. Pull down the screen from the upper right * It is easier to display if you pull down with your finger protruding from the edge of the screen.
2. Switch by tapping the lock icon on the left of the center ("Screen portrait lock" is on): Setting that the screen does not move
3. Release ("Screen portrait lock" off): Screen movement setting ・

"Automatic screen rotation (terminal rotation)" of Anodroid itself does not affect this application.
To fix it, please use a dedicated application such as "Screen rotation control".

〇It's a two-unit battle!
・In the two-unit battle, the strategic elements have become stronger.
 You can participate in or replace nearby ally units.
・The enemy also calls for reinforcements, and a seamless battle is unfolded.
・Magicians can fight with other units, but enemy wizards also use summons.
・Some unit battles are also available for those who are playing the game for the first time.

〇The number of characters and items that can be used has increased significantly!
 Equipped with a mercenary system. Various characters such as beastmasters, poets, and enemy warlords will be on your side.
 We have also added a number of items dedicated to specific characters.

〇The icon palette is enlarged for easy operation.

〇Compatible with various smartphone and tablet sizes based on a wide screen of 1024 * 768.
 Of course, you can change the allocation between vertical and horizontal types and play in your favorite style.

○New smartphone function Flick dash has been added!
・ You can choose how to move.
 Normally, when you tap the place you want to go around the character, a small red flag will appear there and you will move toward it.
See the manual for details.

・The operability has been matched to smartphones and tablets.
 You can flick and swipe in the selection window.
 On the game screen, you can flick to move in 4 directions.
 You can escape with a dash or rescue your allies.
・It is also possible to damage the enemy by ramming, heavy characters such as Lance have a greater effect, and it is easier to break through the enemy's enclosure.
・Pinch in / out the screen to zoom in / out.

○Original is a game nearly 30 years ago This game is a major remake for smartphones and tablets based on the PC game "First Queen" released in 1988 (later released on Super Nintendo).
BGM is a stereo sound source of Mr. Sasaki Masaki, and you can enjoy transparent music.

○It is a game that moves many characters.
This game reproduces the battle between "units" consisting of many characters as a game.
It is a game to help weak allies and fight strong enemies.

○Each character moves by his own will.
The user can directly move one character (control character).
Other characters fight or run away at their own discretion.
For example, a normal "soldier" will rest until he escapes from the enemy and recovers when he is weakened in battle, but a "knight" will fight without escaping.
It also tries to fight openly, so it doesn't surround the enemy.

○Damage will be recovered automatically.
When damaged, the green lifebar will be reduced and the reduced amount will be displayed in red.
When the green disappears, the character will be defeated.
If you let it rest away from the enemy before it all turns red, the lifebar will recover and you will be able to fight again.
The yellow bar is the size of your stamina. When it disappears, it becomes more susceptible to damage.

○You can issue orders to the entire unit.
You can collect the troops that have been separated by the attack order in the original direction with the retreat order, or stop them with the stop order.