FQ1NEXT Switch ver released!

First Queen who helps weak allies and fights strong enemies!
Switch version NEXT is now available!
Please enjoy the light operability of the game machine!

〇 Features in the Switch version.
・Points used for in-game mercenaries and item purchases are earned in-game.
 You can advance the scenario without clearing the fierce battlefield,
 If you clear it, you will get big bonus points.

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〇FQ1 NEXT released!
〇 iOS version has been released to App store!

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〇Features of the smartphone version of "FQ1 NEXT"
・ In the two-unit battle, the strategic elements have become stronger!
 A magician of some units can fight with other teams alone.
 Enemy troops have become stronger, and enemy wizards also use summons.
 A powerful battle. You can change units and fight against the enemy units that are rushing in one after another.

・Equipped with a mercenary system. Various characters such as beastmasters, poets, and enemy warlords will be on your side.
We have also added a number of items dedicated to specific characters.

・The operability has been matched to smartphones and tablets.
 You can flick and swipe in the selection window.
 On the game screen, you can flick to move in 4 directions. Escape with a dash or rescue your allies.
 It is also possible to damage the enemy by ramming, heavy characters such as Lance have a greater effect, and it is easier to break through the enemy's enclosure.

・The icon palette is enlarged for easy operation.

・Compatible with various smartphone and tablet sizes based on a wide screen of 1024 * 768.
 Of course, you can change the allocation between vertical and horizontal types and play in your favorite style.

〇For more information such as distribution information for PC, please see here on our PC site.